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So Sad that Sorry doesn't Cut It

By: dubl

Page 1, This is short. sorry i\'ve been really busy and i\'ve had writers block a while..i hope this gets your attention and you can feel what i mean..

Every day Iwake I feel more alone
My right hand holds a death grip
Upon my telephone
And the final thought you left was bye bye
Bye, bye, bye
I've got a few shots
That says you won't be on my mind
For very long

Every single song can hold a truth
Barely three minutes long
And they've got more spine than you do
See, Iwould've been more than happy to reside
Here inside
These four walls
The chambers of my mind
Where you don't lie

Where you don't lie
I just wanted time
Maybe a second chance to somehow turn this
Farce into a life
And it's all a joke
It's all for nothing
When every single word you spoke
Is a lie it's just insulting

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