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The Apple doesn't fall far

By: dubl

Page 1, this is a poem that says a couple different things. for one it talks about a lot of political things but it also talks about race issues and a lot more. the last line is actually pronounced like mystery but i changed the word to look like my story so it rhymed and fit what i was talking about.

forgive the unforgivable
we're all made out of one material
remember the past but disconcern the present
unjustice is a crime we can never forget
i am a weapon a pistol a handgun
bodies are my best friends and bullets are my drugs
feed me feed me i'm killing babies!
the children cry in unanswered screams
now i'm the city the people the crime
i am every sin in one but doing no time
a - c - i - d
take a hit or two for me
i'll call you down when we all can breathe
but the smoke from the fire makes it hard to see
but if the world is an oyster where is the sea?
it's dried up gone history
but the people that are only selling his story
are missin the other half

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