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The Tide Swallows All

By: dubl

Page 1, The one thing that separates us from animals is imagination.

The tide swallows all
In the back of the hall
They swim for some air to breathe
Mothers kiss fathers
On cheeks and on chins
Drink every last drop of your dramamine

Trip with your mind
Stand firm with your feet
And let your tongue do the walking
See I am the minute
The second, the hour
The shadow the boy has been stalking

And the tide swallows all
In the back of my head
My memory buried itself
If it was just all for you
I'd forgive and forget
But you are for someone else

Set the building on fire
Set my feet to the walk
And underestimate my change again
But you'll never find anyone
Who'd ever compare
And I can say more than he can

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