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MY New World

By: dynamic12

Page 1, This poem expresses my feeling when for the first I love touched me.




It’s a feeling I never felt before

So brand new and reaching to my core,

It’s lust, love or something really more.

I know not, not for sure.


The world is now a different place.

In every little things

What I see is just your face;

In every sound that sings,

I hear your velvet voice;

In every flower that blooms,

I see your dimpled smile.

My heartbeat just go zoom

When I see it for a while;

In the beauty of your eyes

Want just a little room

Where I’d like to live and die.


Now the world is full of different hues;

Everywhere it’s just you and only you.

You are here; you are there,

I find you everywhere;

In every dream at every night,

I’ve your sensuous frame in sight;

Every night and everyday

Just your lovely name I must say.

My heart is now your slave

The way you’ve mesmerized

Now only you can save

‘Coz only you’ve hypnotized.


The feeling – I’ll cherish it forever;

It’s so sweet and so lovely, I’ll forget it – never

Its love and really something more,

I know its true love that I was waiting for.



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