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Sun and Earth, Love Affair

By: EG Friday

Page 1, Poem about the Sun and Earth and their eternal relationship.

The sun warms my face.

The sun kisses my eyelids, my lips and my chest.

He shines through my closed eyes, into my mind, through my face, down my throat, deep inside my chest, piercing my heart and caressing my breasts, and shines throughout and out of my body down to my legs and out through my feet!

Hot enough to make me soft but not enough to char me.

I don’t want to open my eyes because I don’t want to be blinded by his magnificence.

The sun warms my heart. He hugs me with his rays.

I am earth, he is sun and he heats my soil and shines on my leaves and together we produce life through our true  love.

He shines his hot love on my leaves, green with envy because it takes so long for the rays to touch me.

My leaves ingest and digest his energy to produce more energy and substance of life to support more life.

Together sun and earth building some and destroying some but always twined in a warm embrace.


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