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As we Fight back

By: EganPhotography85

Page 1, Read on and take what you believe it means

From the highest point to a destructive end

You are the one that I said I could count on.

Feel me now or you will never see me again.

The world around you is lost,

the darkest days have been undone.

To the ground I await your fears

As my tears fall to earth.

From the highest point you have won,

but you face what is closing in,

all around is what destruction is.

For me please see,

the world is at war.

Stars have scattered,

the moon has faded,

the sun will not rise.

For the rain still falls,

made from tears from above,

people are lost in these days.

Just look at me now,

in my eyes we are free,

you have not been defeated.

Everyone will again be safe,

the rain will seize, the moon will shine,

the stars will return

and show us the way.

All you have to do is lean on me

as I used to lean on you.

I will be strong enough for us both,

you can count on me as I once did you.

The sun will return as we over take this war,

all you have to do it trust.

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