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By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, I think we all want to write something deep.

I want to write something deep.
I want my words to flow like an ancient river,
Smooth and creamy,
As beautiful as the black silk night sky.
To make you think—
Yes, it would be everything
To make you see each image
Crisp and clear
In front of you,
As real as a glass of ice-water.
I want to write something amazing,
Something the world may understand,
Yet can’t comprehend the real meaning.

Can my words mean love?
Can my words become their memories?
Can I make this stretch into something bigger
Than any one of us?
Can I spell out forgiveness,
Regret, or cold-heartedness?
Can I make you feel as I feel?

Like cold hands on the back of your neck,
You’ll take notice.
Down to the bottom of the ocean…
I will be deep.

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