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Expectations That Beg Forgiveness

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, Everyone needs a break... When does mine start?

So much is expected of me,
I rarely now have time to breathe
And the days get longer as the seasons pass.
I'm waiting for Relief to see
That the one missing her is me
So perhaps this endless stress will end at last.

I want to climb the biggest apple tree,
Fall off the branches and feel free
While it's true that it could hurt quite a bit.
I want to travel on the open sea
To London and write poetry
Where I might sip on my coffee and sit.

Will something leave my mind at ease?
Will the one that I aim to please
See how desperately I'm needing a rest?
Will someone come and sit with me
A moment to enjoy the breeze?
I'm only lucky now at best.

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