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Good to know I'll never have a spot in your heart, but I'll always have one on your mattress.

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, This poem was written about a relationship that technically ended two summers ago. Despite the fact that this person had a new girlfriend, he and I kept seeing each other in secret. Quite frankly... It ate me up. =/ After letting the situation simmer a few months, we were able to kindle a friendship again, but then he started pressuring me back into the same situation as before, knowing that in the end it hurt both of us. And well, the poem says the rest...

The explanation to everything.
Needless to say, you were never mine.
Months spent remembering, relentlessly slipping into
Succulent daydreams, dead to the desire I felt for the forbidden.
You were the youth I yearned for, but felt not a single stem
From the rosy thorns you lent me;
Fall back, fast-forward.
History holds onto twisting tapestries,
The embroidery I sought to burn.
You tore at every thread,
Instead of sweeping away.
Where I fell, right back into you.
“Catch me” were the words;
I stumbled subconsciously
Back into your Russian roulette—
Plot twist?
Lest we forget…
The mouse wheel where you kept me…
Monotonous circles…
(When will the turning stop?  Miracles no longer exist.  I put this in the devil’s hands before I trust you again.)

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