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Noisy Breathing

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, How come some people don't know how to back off?

Stop breathing on my neck
And give me some space.
I’ve grown weary of
Everything I see.
Your trust has faded
From my actions,
And that by itself
Is enough to set me off.
While you might say
You need not explain,
I beg to differ.
Here’s the part where
You nod your head
And smile.

I’m too frustrated to rhyme,
And I’ll say what I think.
Your apologies won’t
Help you right now.
Like a mosquito
You have pestered me,
And there’s only so much
I can take of this.
You tread dangerously,
And I’m not afraid
To squash this bug.
Now kindly back off
Before you get
Yourself hurt.


You’re right that I have
Sported better mindset,
But haven’t you learned
All is subject to change?
I’m no ray of sunshine
Or Strawberry Shortcake,
So would it kill you
To leave me in peace?
I won’t be mad forever
If I could simply
Get a single moment of
Of peace to reflect
On self-pity.

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