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By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, Pseudoscience = fake science... You've turned Fake into an art.


You've turned Fake into an art.
Friend, you've worked it down to a Tee.
It's inconspicuous to most,
But it's something I can't help but see.
Why create drama with falsehood?
Why do you feel you must
You were fine the way you were.
Who knows
What will become of you now!

You've turned Fake into an art.
Friend, you dream of it at night.
You cry out in your sleep
How you plainly refuse to feel right.
What drove you to pseudoscience?
What made you honestly
I see right through your
Looking glass.
You haven't fooled me.

You can turn Fake into an art,
But it's no mystery-
Before the night is over,
The world will clearly see...
You're nothing to me.

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