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Sarcasm in Art Form

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, A somewhat sillier piece. Something about this makes me clearly think of Flogging Molly. "Some say 'Take me or leave me', But I'll just say-- GO AWAY."


I welcome your envy
I refuse to turn away.
The sun forever shines, on your
Ever-confusing gaze.
I'm sure that I still talk too much
But that is here to stay.
Some say "Take me or leave me",
But I'll just say-

And when the piper's playing-
His ever-merry tune,
I'll hum a song to my sweet self,
My own morbid tribune.
The trumpets do not faze me
And the band cannot outplay-
The very people that I love
Oh no, they never stay.
They always

And you can listen to my chatter
And take from it what you will
But I will keep on with my rambling
‘Til my thoughts at last lie still.
But I cannot wait forever, boy
So make your move quite soon.
You think I drive you crazy?
Darling, I just make you swoon.
You think I make you crazy?
Who's driving crazy whom?

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