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What You Get

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, This is what we get.

We’ve been starved for attention,
Lonely and bored.
Perhaps we’re lethargic—

Or is it something more?

To make sense of it is only a dream,
only a dream…
But that’s what you get.


A teenage virgin writing erotic poetry—

That’s what you get.

Attention-seeking hounds feeding off myspace fantasies—

That’s what you get.

The little boy who got kidnapped after he ran away from home—

That’s what you get.

A double funeral after her boyfriend died unexpectedly—

That’s what you get.

I know we’re all suckers for wet dreams,
But is there no better way?

Looking for any direction to change,
to make monotony go away,
Oh-so starved for attention…

This is what we get.

Is it only me,
Or is it about time
To get something else?

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