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Broken Down Love

By: elizabethannmoore

Page 1, broken down love

So this is the end,
the part that i hate.
Here i stand with my
heart in my hands
And tears in my eyes.
Watching you go,
Watching you leave,
Begging you to stay.
Begging you not to go.
Its like i am muted
You don't hear a sound
Of my voice.
You don't hear me cry.
You've put up the wall
You've blocked me from
your heart.
You wont listen to me when
I tell you that i love you.
You don't believe a word that i say.
You refuse to look at me as you go
You wont look back and see the pain
you have caused to my dying heart.
Why did i have to fall in love?
Why did i have to try?
Why do i have to care so much
for someone who wont care back?
I want to hate you, but i cant allow
myself to hate you.
I love you to much,
And i hope one day,
Someday soon, You
will see just how much i care for you.

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