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Forgive me For Being.

By: elizabethannmoore

Page 1, Something i wrote up the other day...

Forgive me for being so weak,
Forgive me for being so tired,
Forgive me for unable to fight back,
Forgive me for giving up,
Forgive me for losing my strength,
Forgive me for hurting,
Forgive me for crying,
Forgive me for hiding myself,
Forgive me for the walls i have built up.

I've tried so hard to let it go,
I've tried to much to look beyond,
It hurts me more and more everyday
To continue to try and walk away.

So please,
Do what you will,
Do what you need,
Do what you must,

But please all i ask of you
Is to forgive me for failing to
be as strong as you.

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