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Please leave me alone.

By: elizabethannmoore

Page 1, poem for a friend that was killed in a car accident a few years ago.

I've cried until there was nothing left within me to cry.

My body is numb,

my heart feels hallow.

I had to let my final best friend go.

Without being able to say goodbye,

I wished with all my heart to see you one final time.


Though i might be numb,

Though i might scream for you within my dreams,

I can still say that i can finally let you go.


There will be the day that i will see you again,

There will be the day that i will hug you again,

But until that day comes,

Please just go on to your better life,

And leave me alone.


You wont be forgotten,

Your memory still lives on within me.

I wont let you down,

This promise i will make to you.

I can only carry you so far.


Now here it comes

From me to you.

These are my final words

its time for you to move on

its time for you to go

you need your peace

and i need to have mine.


i dont want to sound so harsh

i dont want to sound so mean.

i dont want to sound like i dont care,

but its hard when your spirit is still sticking around.

so now i am telling you this

you must leave and you must go now

because if you dont, im gonna lose my mind.


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