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The Black Plague

By: elizabethannmoore

Page 1, I am the plague within her eyes I am the void she will never feel I am the reason her life was destroyed I am the one she avoids And will always avoid I am the one she turned away from I am the one she came to hate I am the one she can’t stand to look at I am the one voided out of her life. I am her nothing, The pain of being I am her absolute nothing That part she can\'t stand seeing, I am the one she thinks of suicide, I am the one she despises, I am her nothing so it is, I am her all, Her consuming hatred That’s how it is . . . She Will Never Come To Terms With Me! She will never see me as her child The baby she gave life to. This is how it is, This is how it will always be I am the one she regrets I am the one she cannot stand to be near. I am the black plague within her eyes, And she will always avoid me like I am the black plague within her eyes. This is the cold hard truth and I have To learn to accept this as the truth That I am nothing And I will always be nothing In her eyes.

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