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The Day You Died

By: elizabethannmoore

Page 1, Sad

the clouds rolled in leaving the sky black and blue

the rain began to pour down from the holes left in the darkend sky

 sitting there in the waiting room momma sitting there crying papa pacing the room as we waited for the dr to come nervousness filled my soul as i sat there and prayed for you to be ok.....

 but when the dr came in and gave us the bad news momma hit the floor screaming and crying papa paniced and held her so close as i ran out the door in tears i dropped to my knees and screamed why did you have to go but not an answer did i get just the silenceness before the thundered rolled as i lowered my head into my hands crying before i heard a voice hoping it was a mistake i lifted my head and there stood you a beautiful angel as you wiped my tears and kissed my cheek you told me it was your time and that you were finally going home and for me not to be sad but happy on this day of your release from the pain finally

still be gone in the heavens above watching over me?

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