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The baby sleeps.

By: ElizaZenith

Page 1, I believe all newborns are able to see faries, or some kind of equivilent, basically the reprisentation of the purity and innocence we are all born with but never take with us thanks to the world we live in.

Quiet in the cradle and fast asleep,

the baby breathes and sheds a weap.

It sees the faries flying above,

becuase of it's soul filled only with love.


here they swoop and dive,

they can leave a smile.

But they vanish in five,

not just for a while.


The black swings down,

engulfs the soul.

The baby frowns,

heart black as coal.


Innocent no more,

mum comes through the door.

Baby's all human now.

morals ready for corruption,

innocence gone. The devil's abduction.

Purity nowhere to be found,

human sins are inbound.





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