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What the Night Holds

By: Ella Lynn

Page 1, What lies behind the darkness of night. Partially inspired by my novel WIAWSNB

The shadow crawls, reeling near

Sliding behind everything as to not be seen

It consumes the stars

Bleeding bright

Oh, what is held in the Night

It holds you with it's beauty

But kills you with it's secretivity

Pull you out of sight

Holding you hostage

Until the Light

Oh, what is held in the Night

Don't be afraid of the dark

But rather what is in the dark

Crystal eyes burning bright

A dagger claw

The cowards in flight

Oh, what is held in the Night

You can run

But you can't hide

Because darkness is always somewhere

Not always by you

Sometimes in you

And it always comes back

So hold onto what is left

Or you will be consumed by it

Gulled into following the path

Oh, what is held in the Night

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