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For fireflies and a Smile

By: elmoshurtside

Page 1, This is something i did on a whim.

A small child curled in fear,
hiding from anyone near.
A child afraid of all,
clinging against the wall.
It's not fair that a child is abused
And a bystander is simply amused.
Nothing is done about the harm,
and another child is taken by the arm.
If it was your little one
Would you allow it to be done?
Would you still ignore the truth,
Or would you stand and protect the youth?
I can't imagine the pain they bare,
As their parents hand slices through the air.
A huge bruise will appear on the cheek,
With that what do abusers seek?
A young girl wipes a tear from her face
and a new one takes its place.
A young boy hides his eyes,
and a part of his heart dies.
Open you arms for children of anguish
grant them their only wish,
to be loved and protected
and never again neglected.
A young girl will open new eyes
and, in new light, see fireflies.
A young boy will shift his lips into a smile,
one to stay for a long long while.

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