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Despair (untitled)

By: elvenfairy990

Page 1, despair is unavoidable....

Ay, thou, long hated, loath├ęd friend of mine,
how thou dost lurk in every corner dark,
and lie in wait for me to step once false,
then spring upon me, catch me unawares
and with thy deadly chains doth me entwine.

Thy hand lifts up mine eyes to look afar,
and showeth to me all that lies ahead,
that which I cannot alter or amend
nor turn aside my path to thee evade.
The evils of this world my life shall mar.

Despair, thou art the very bane of man,
thy darkened heart doth plague the wearied soul,
against thy wicked vices, hast no cure,
and fall we, wounded, to infinity,
to end up, conquered, back where we began.

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