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In Heaven

By: Emily Johnson

Page 1, A poem to my ex

We have been separated for awhile, and I know the truth.
You miss me, just like I do miss you.
You told me you keep getting flashbacks of us together,
...And how we thought this would be forever.
But it was all me, and baby I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you it was just who I was,
And I'l be hurting on forever just because....

You can't see that you and me
are totally meant to be one-hundred percent
from begining to end
all about us
no it's never enough.

I can't get over you,
seems like we're not through.
You remind me
of how happy we used to be.
The way we separate down the hall
I turn around like you used to and saw nothin at all...

I ran into you the other day,
and we said hey.
I wanna start it all over again
cause you make me feel like i died and went

to heaven!!!!

But now you told me,
Your heart hath shut out all emotion
for me
and so I cry, and you'll never see
What you lost...

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