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Epiphany in Solitude

By: Eskay Miras

Page 1, The first poem I EVER wrote. Written after I had to leave home and live in Wales for 2 years :|



The silence is deafening, and

        The feeling lacks articulation.

I am incomplete, a mere fragment of life.

     Emotions flow like a river of fire,

And loud whispers of my hearts desire

       Echo heavily around me. Calling


         Calling to no reply.


I have only Nostalgia as my abstract companion.

An eddy of forgotten faces finally found and

Brought back to life; an answered orison


       To question is to doubt, and

To doubt is to destroy Faith. Faith

   That keeps me anchored against the will to fly-

           A heavy feather. C'est moi, non?


If I could shout into the intimacy of night,

To the Moon,

                     And Stars,

If I could shout to the rising Sun

With its glory of reborn blaze,

   Then I utter my bankrupt creed: I exist.

But Mother Nature drowns my voice.

The crashing of the stream,

  The singing of birds. All joyous



But then I feel! I touch. O, sweet softness,

O mother of comfort, O bringer of merriment!


My heart beats the rhythm of love

Each beat awakening my hibernating senses.

I see. I hear.


I finally understand.

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