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A Walk In The Rain


Page 1, What it would feel when your dear one is nomore…… Well I wouldn\'t feel yet.. and don’t want to be. Well it’s just a poem I wrote on 26.4.13 Friday!

    A Walk In The Rain


Sound of  thunder, awake me,

When I close my eyes ,

It’s you what I see,


Outside my window,

Is a stormy weather,

Falling drops becoming

More and more wider,


Thunder has crackle the dead night,

And my heart in a chamber of no light,


Dreaming that you are holding my hand,

This is what I can pretend,


You are dead,now we are miles apart,

I remember how our relation start,


Memories make tears roll down,

Your love in my heart,

Make you around,


When pain I can’t bare,

You were around to wipe my tears,


Like blood when emotions run down my veins,

Then I take A Walk In The Rain….







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