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I End

By: foreverhis

Page 1, It\'s too late, What\'s done is done.

It's too late, what's done is done,

You're no longer my number one.

Our times together were once fun,

But that's all over now, isn't it hun?

I grab the gun,

Cold despite the warm sun,

A deep breath,

Is all that stands between me, and my final rest.

The decision has been made,

It's time your debts be paid,

 By living with the knowledge,

Of a life you destroyed,

Finger on the trigger,

I wonder if the words, "Man I miss her,"

Will ever float trough your head,

If my memory will live in the deepest, darkest, places in your mind,

Reminding you of the bed you've made.

Now, I say goodbye,

Cold steel meets warm skin,

Barrel to temple,

A twitch of my trigger finger,

That blows my mind,

And I End.

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