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It's over...

By: fortuitous event

Page 1, Everything and everyone has a limit and the world is always moving... if you don\'t redeem the time, things won\'t work the way you like it. They can\'t wait for you... Everything would be changing...

I thought he’s still waiting,

And here, I’m expecting, a miracle or something.

But he declared: “It’s over!”

And added: “I still love you but I don’t want you anymore.”

And my world began to shatter,

With the words he uttered.

The game’s over,

He can’t wait for me any longer.

There’s no more room for expectations,

I have to get over these lamentations.

I hadn’t even managed to tell him,

The feeling I have been keeping.

“I miss you lots,” a phrase I’d like to say.

But I don’t think that could make him stay.

“It’s over.” just like what he said.

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