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Love Hurts Thinking of You

By: gabber20

Page 1, About Andy again...

Christmas is near
But I’m not full of cheer
Because I think of him

I really like him
He knows that
He won’t text me back
Please all I want for Christmas is you


I bet I know what your thinking
You are deciding if you should stick with her or me
But my one Christmas wish is for you to talk to me


I see a lot of couples kissing and hugging
But I really wish we were together to do so

I dream of it
I imagine it
I just wish you could just ask me out


Please, my friend is a stalker
She knows where you live
I feel like I have to come to your house to show you how much I like you
I wish I don’t have to do that


Please all I want for Christmas is you
Right now I’m not happy
Because it seems like you’re ignoring me
Please I really like you
Please just talk to me
Because all I want for Christmas is you

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