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I still think of you-

By: GiggleMonster2

Page 1, Just a bit about whom I still think of and why

Even after all this time
I still found it in my heart
to accept the way things used to be
and accept the way they are now

I've learned that I can not forget
because no matter how hard I try
the memory of you is embedded into my brain
but I know time will go on

I don't like to think of you as a mistake
but rather an experience
where I was able to grow for the better
and learn the difference between reality and dreams

Still, I sometimes think of your words
and I wonder if they were true
or if you just told me what I wanted to hear
and went about your day

I do feel that your words were true,
but there will always be that lingering feeling
of lies and the pain of betrayal
that once captured me in a puddle of tears.

I have learned to accept the way things are
and although it still phases me to think of you
I still smile at what we almost had
and what could have been

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