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Grateful to Greet!

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, This is a warm, special poem about a very special season!

Grateful to Greet!

Oh, quiet blissful Autumn, my best friend, always near

Relaxing time as the clouds show a grim look, no rushing here

Sweet, pleasant silence, calming with never ending glee

In my yard, there's fallen leaves, birds, squirrels, rabbits, so free

Beautiful Autumn, amazingly worth more than a bundle of gold

At chilled midnight, I see a bright moon, "Wow, precious life, I've been told!"

All the seasons bring about happiness, perfect peace that is a must

Autumn is time for thinking, needed rest after a busy July, August

So warmly content to now celebrate the Fall, one pretty song

With all this love and beauty, nothing can go wrong

How I love the coloured trees, cool breeze and what Nature joyfully Leaves!

Vincey Delaney

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