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A Restful Place

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

Tender thoughts and comfortable cares shall feed the heart who loves me much. Floral fragrance and special times means so much to the heart with a memory in cherish in the heart of times as the memory of love is forever on your mind. A cherished place filled with grace and longevity when respected for the salvation we claim as our place of faith for all men who are kind to see. A bench the horizon filled with fresh flowers and water to match the beautiful sky the peace and harmony there are sure to beware the trespassers who look as they pass by. I have made a place with mercy and grace an extension of the love I have in my heart for you are to see the truth in me and know all I have said is true today. A garden full of nutrition where thoughts and ideas can only reveal the truth to benefit all of you. A sense of strength in the realm in which belongs to the King of Kings has been released in truth today for the nation whose leaves are dying in untruth. I must say this pain is severe for no one believes the Son I sent so near for a time you may find Him now soon to move to Earth endowed. I came ago and now it is untold to place you trust in the hand of deliverance. Your gods and idols too will always dissapoint you. For what you love has a place in your day put first place for all to see and when its gone you will fall apart without it you have nothing left. The spoils of the rich are laid up for the righteous. The position of the righteous operates in truth giving love whenever there is a time to do. I cherish faith in the Word it works every time. So remember no doubt today for if you do it will drag you away to a place where dead bones lay and your spirit will fizzle away. I come in love to all you now and speak my heart a time or two for the end is here so soon so be a witness very soon.The look to love when in pain it opens the heart for truth to remain so choose your words carefully and know my eyes are turned to thee. So special you are in my heart and I was never sorry from the start I did this all all for you so just come to the truth. In this day and all your life stay away from all strife.

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