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With Each New Life, Comes A New Beginning

Poetry By: Goldjack12112

This is the reason for my profile picture. My picture is of a tattoo on my left forearm. Makayla is my girlfriend/fiance, and Machelle is her mother. Makayla had a miscarriage on January 15th.

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In life, It is very seldom that some one can start a new. Not very often does someone get a true second chance. If you ever get a second. It's a sign. It's a sign saying straiten up, this may be your second chance but it's also your last.If this truly is your last chance, you better make sure they don't regret giving it to you. A second chance in ways is a form starting a new, being ready to make the change. And this is A New Beginning for you. I believe that with each new life, there comes a new beginning. And Three people in my life have made the impact on me to start a new, I'm ready. And I have started A New Beginning in my life. One of those people I love, weather or not they believe it, I do love them. But I love her like a Step Mother. Even though it pissed me off at the time Machelle didn't let me see Makayla for a long time. And now I understand that she was only trying to protect one of the people she loved most. And even though Makayla was only pregnant for 8 or 9 weeks, both of our parenting instincts started to kick in and I was just trying to protect and save the person I love most in this world and the small child that could already feel the love of it's parents. And when I stepped up and showed up to the hospital even after I was instructed not to come there, I showed a little maturity and responsibility and the miracle that I had prayed would happen finally did. Machelle gave me a second chance. And I really don't want to screw this up, so it symbolizes maturity and responsibility when I might do something dumb and reckless. Since then I've done better. The second person that impacted me with a second chance, so I could fix my mistakes. And I'd rather not talk about it or bring up the past. But after she forgave me and let me back in and let me have this second chance I've been a better man to her and be less of an asshole. I treat her the way she should be treated, And I love her with all my heart. And that is two amazing things in my mind is getting both second chances in the same year. And if that by it self wasn't a sign, when Makayla and I lost our baby I was depressed at first and sad and I really didn't know what to do or how to take it. Stephanie talked to me that knight and all our friends were talking to me that night and I realize that this was gods way of giving Makayla and I both huge second chances. And since that I drew to relieve stress, I learned that this particular thing when it relieves stress, I get some really good ideas and I knew that after that day, I was going to be a different new person. I'm going to school everyday, I'm keeping my work caught up, I'm keeping my grades up, I'm being more responsible and I was given A New Beginning when that baby was born and pronounced a miscarriage. With each new life, there comes A New Beginning. And this tattoo is my way of thanking them and promising them that I am changed, or I'm at least in the process of changing in to a better person.


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