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Athryll of the Lake

Poetry By: Graeme Montrose

A poem romantic about the nixie of Lake Zug

Submitted:Jun 9, 2010    Reads: 78    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Athryll of the Lake
Through the mountain pastures high, Eduardo rode his mount,
Twas many a league he ridden now, since leaving foreign soil,
Returning from the wars he was, a warrior skilled and true,
His sword, his ready means to live, he fought and warred so oft.
A purse of gold he had with him and jewels in a bag,
To settle down he hoped to do and buy a piece of land,
Tired he was from warring oft, wounds he had not few,
This knight from Sion headed home, he sought but rest from war.
He neared the sea blue Lake of Zug it sparkled in the sun,
Twas there that he heard a voice so sweet, an angel he was sure,
He spied a maid so young and fair, to shame the gods above,
She played the lyre and sang a song a haunting melody.
Upon a rock just by the shore, her hair danced in the wind,
The music swam in waves of light, such notes unheard by man,
Her voice did blend in harmonies, a melody of gods,
He could not take his eyes from her, the goddess from the lake.
Her music wove a spell on him it drew him into her,
A song of dragons and of knights, of mages and of kings,
A tale of demons evil deeds and of a princess fair,
Enraptured by the maidens voice he sat enthralled by her.
'I sing within the mists of time, of worlds that drift through dreams,
Of Avalon the mystic isle, a gateway to the sea,
There upon the hills so green, a beauteous princess lived,
AisIyn, her name or so they say, the fairest of the fair.
A daughter of the Fisher King, a princess of the Fair,
Survivors of a forgotten land, they live unseen by man.
The Fair Ones came to Avalon, from a land beyond the blue,
Atlantis so the story goes, now sunk beneath the sea.
The dragon Fardeth heard of her and sought her for his own,
He changed his shape unto man and sailed within the mist.
Upon the island Avalon, within its misty bowels,
others than the Fair Folk lived apart from one and all.
Some Elvin from the ages past lived in the forest woods,
and a druid prince from Avalon, Merlorius was his name.
Of Elvin blood mixed with the Fair, the 'Half-blood' he was called,
rejected both by Elves and Fair, he lived his life alone.
Skilled in sword and bow he was and trained in magic spells,
the handsome druid walked the shore in search of special herbs…'
Her haunting voice and music danced into the evening air,
Seeking out receptive ears to plant their seed within.
She new too well of music's power to lure and snare the soul,
Another soul would soon be hers to bring below the lake.
Another song she then did play, of lovers young and free,
Eduardo's heart was opened wide, her spell did captivate,
He traveled in the world described, he felt as they did feel,
Athryll's music took control, her voice cast forth it's spell.
'As Roland sat beneath blue sky, A wondrous sight he saw
A maiden fair with locks of hay, Did fore his eyes appear
She sat upon the fresh cut hay, She laughed and looked so gay
He wondered who this maiden was, That touched his heart today
He was a man of passion bare, He loved, he laughed, he sang
A hundred maids before had loved, But this was not the same
She touched a chord inside his heart; Her voice did lift his soul
Was she an angel from on high, Come down to dance and sing?
'Twas then she turned and spotted him, Her cheeks to crimson turned
He called, she stopped, all time held still, That day upon the hill
The moon did dance, The stars did sing, The night they turned to love
The dancing light of moon did stream, On both their naked frames
The silver moon of this great world, Created light for them
They danced that night when they did love; They shared our joy with all
Yvonne, her name she said it 'twas, A name to make him sing
He wooed her there beneath the trees, An loved her o'er and o'er
'Twas soon so clear, that they were one, She gave her heart to him
As on that day beneath the moon, They gave their love in deed
That night a child was heaven sent, To come from out their love
Alas, so short a time they spent Entwined in arms of love
The moon did dance, The stars did sing, The night they loved as one
The dancing light of moon did stream, On both their naked frames
The silver moon of this great world, Created for their light
They danced that night when they did love; They shared their joy with all.'
The song now spent, the music danced in melody divine
She paused, as if to catch some note, whose silver sound is sweet
Eduardo's heart was snared for sure, of this no doubt remained
She smiled her flowing locks flung back, her eyes agleam, her lips apart

Bewitched he was, beguiled by her he sat with eyes aglow,
She smiled at him, her face did shine, so enticing did she seem,
A princess could not fairer be he must know who she is,
He asked her name she answered him, 'Athryll's my name sir knight'
Her eyes like swirling pools of light mesmerizing him,
His thoughts were filled with love and joy his heart felt light as air,
'Come swim with me', she seemed to say, 'see new worlds down below,
No wars to fight, no stench of death, no hate and evils there',
She took his hand that day and dived, into the deep blue lake,
Beneath the clear cool waters blue Eduardo swam with her,
The magic spell she wove kept him, as downward they did flow,
A world of wonders opened up such beauties words can't tell.
Undulating notes of sirens span the music round them both,
Whirlpools whipped and ripped at him, as in her song he swam,
In voids of darkness deep below; too deep for light to show,
In maelstrom far beneath the lake, where turbulent forces rule,
The beauty promised was not found; Eduardo's eyes now opened were,
Deceived he was by magic's song, bewitched by love's own spell.
Beware O' men of what you hear beneath the waves that flow,
Water spirits tempt and bait seeking out more souls.
These spirits moved in strata low their voices captivate,
Mystical monsters from the deep, vile creatures shifting shape,
In halls of stone, in rooms of ice, in places foul and base,
Enchanted spells in music chords beguiling such as he.
Beneath the waves lay magic runes, bewitching cosmic spells,
Evil creatures ruled below, imprisoning such as he,
Yet even so his heart did lift, for something moved within,
Love had pierced him through and through not an evil spell.
As Athryll looked into his eyes she felt the tug of love,
Something pure within his heart did light a fire within,
Not like others she had lured, something different here,
Love did speak unto her heart, its power oh so strong.
She could not do it, not this time! She felt love beat within,
Looking in his eyes she saw a heart of purity.
Athryll turned back and upward swam,
Her song did follow her.
They broke the surface arm in arm and swam unto the shore,
Upon the dry and solid earth, Eduardo looked at her,
The spell was broken, his thoughts were clear,
Yet still love throbbed within.
'Young knight,' she said melodiously, 'my heart you opened up,
Never once in all my life did ever love I feel,
Yet never can we two be one, for the gods will not allow,
You must go from this great Lake Zug, but here it is my home.'
'Oh maiden fair, my precious rose, my heart is bound too you,
I could not live with out thee now, my love is far to great.'
Athryll did answer now to him as love shone from her eyes
'To live on land I cannot do, the lake and I are bound.'
'I'd die if taken from this place, the gods have thus confined,
And you my precious knight so pure, I cannot take you there,
For down beneath the waters dark a hell would wait for you,
For though my love is true for you, my people slay you would.'
'Then Athryll sweet if that is so then death I'd rather feel,
I cannot live without thy love I cannot leave you here.'
She smiled and lifted up her lyre, as tears did wet her cheek,
But oh such music did she play as never gods had heard.
Her voice did reach to heavens halls, it danced in hearts above
The gods did weep their tears ran down; the heavens burst forth rain.
Creation wept, the waves did crash, the winds sang mournfully,
Athryll did pour her heart within the music spell she wove.
Eduardo fell into deep sleep, his memories snared within
And when he woke no remembrance, of Athryll from Lake Zug,
He rode away he headed home to buy his plot of land
Athryll did watch her tears flowed, her heart within her snapped.
For many a year Eduardo lived in Sion oh so fair
He bought some land and found a wife had children not a few,
Yet now and then strange dreams did come as vivid as the day,
A goddess sang and played to him her voice an angel's voice.
He sees a palace far below, he swims unto its gates,
He enters in and thrills to see, such beauty none can say,
Rising rods of violet hues, respond to touch or sight
Pulsating columns filled with life, they move in rhythmic sway,
Firm as stone yet spongy too, a marvel to observe
A room of mystic fantasy, a place where life doth grow
His senses swirl, his thoughts take wing,
Mind's boundaries now have crossed,
A room reverberates with sound, it's walls do come alive
He swims through gates of light and sound, a new world now perceives,
Doors are opened, warmth he feels, he leaves his mortal frame,
He sees and feels and moves as one, in crystal seas of glass,
He travels neath the waters blue to worlds beyond man's ken,
A day or two he'd linger there; then lost once more to him,
Eduardo then would walk the hills and cry and weep aloud,
A part of him he felt was lost, something torn from him.
While many miles from Sion sat a girl of beauty bright,
Upon a rock near Zug' fine lake she sang her songs of love,
Her tears flowed when she did sing, and oh such melodies,
Whoever heard her song that day was never then the same.
Her legend lives on through the years, a nixie from Lake Zug,
Beware they say, the songs she plays, you'll never be the same,
If you do spy her, run from her; plug up your ears at once,
For once her notes do reach your ears a captive you will be.


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