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Come With Me Now

Poetry By: Graeme Montrose

A poem inspired by the song 'When I'm Gone' by the group 'Simple Plan'

Submitted:Jun 27, 2010    Reads: 60    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

Come With Me Now
The time has come for me to leave,
The rover's song I hear.
Come with me Lynn and join with me,
We'll live a life so free.
There are too many strings they try to pull,
There are too many cages here.
A captive I can never be,
My spirit is too wild.
I'll leave you now unless you come,
I'll wander far and wide.
Heed the words I speak to you,
My hand I offer now.
You'll miss my love if you do stay,
You'll fall into their snare.
I know myself from all my past,
So learn from me today.
There are too many days I lost in time,
From fear and self enslaved.
Tear up the plans they make for you,
Embrace life as it comes.
The past has gone the future waits,
Come walk the roads of life.
Excitement fills my heart anon,
We'll meet the sun with joy.
There is little time within this life,
Tis soon so quickly spent.
No time to mope or fear to tread,
No time for regret's tears.
If nothing venture then nothing gained.
Break free from chains that bind.
Fly high to skies so blue above,
Fly over oceans wide.
There is many a day I've cried in vain,
There is much I left undone.
There is many a time I've tarried long,
I missed that open door.
We'll climb now many a mountain peak,
We'll wander far and wide.
Through fields of gold or auburn hues,
Where perfume fills the air!
There is many a day I've cried and cried,
Like a puppet I danced their jig.
There is many an hour that sorrow claimed,
As strings were pulled on me!
Through passions veils we've entered in,
Come sail the deep blue waves.
I've quaffed the droughts secreted there,
From springs that lay within.
There is many a reel that we could dance,
There is many a dirge I've sang aloud.
I've lain embraced in remorse's arms,
I Listened to despair's sad song.
We'll taste from love's deep reservoir,
We'll enter deep within.
Through heights beyond the carnal plane,
To worlds that none discern!
There is many a night you lay alone,
There is many a tear you shed.
Finding there but pain you've hid from life,
Supping deep from sorrow's cup!
Each sunrise fills my soul anon,
A song dances deep inside.
For only through the trials of life,
Can life we really live!
There is many a cloud that covered you,
There is many a shower we walked.
Finding comfort in its many tears,
Hiding from the light of day!
There are many cities that know me well,
There are many I still don't know.
My journey takes me all around,
For life's passion flows in me!
There is many an hour that's passed me by,
There is many a day that I have lost.
My thoughts all coloured by my faults,
My eyes so red from tears!
There's many a mountain peak to climb,
Aye, many a sea we'll cross.
There's many a night I now regret,
There are many heard my cries.
If you don't come you will regret,
You'll fall into your groove.
Twenty years or more will pass you by,
You'll tread the same old rut.
So heed my words and follow me,
We'll dance in lands unknown.
Throw of these chains that only bind,
And meet life face to face.
There is many a sight that will thrill your heart,
There is many a land to see.
Adventures wait around the bend,
Step out and follow me.


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