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A Ballad sung by the old Bard! Whisking you of to ye olde days of yore!

Submitted:Nov 30, 2009    Reads: 114    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

Fair Elspeth
It 'twas on autumn's fine warm day, fair Elspeth went to walk,
Along the path of dewy grass, she walked that bright fine day,
She found a glade, so nice and wide, a place she could lay,
Among the yellow flowers that like a carpet lay,
She sighed, ah what a sigh it was, it told of troubled heart,
Then lay she down upon the grass, and wept for many an hour,
Elspeth came in time to love, a boy so tall and strong,
Her father though did scorn the lad, for lower class was he,
But then it came, a war did strike and men were sent to fight,
The battles came and many died, her love she heard won fame,
Now fame he got for brave was he, and fearless in the frae,
Then on a cold wet day, she heard, the news that Darvel died,
He fought to save his captain strong, who wounded down had fell,
Young Darvel fought like none before yet slain beneath the sword,
A hero now the village said, her father praised his name,
Yet Elspeth scorned the change in heart, the cost was hard to bear,
This she thought is how men look, with eyes so closed to love,
They see not deep beneath the flesh, but only look without,
A hero yes was one to wed, a rich man or a wise,
But not the poor or lowly type who only turn the soil,
Elspeth then hardened to all, ran off without a word,
As anger filled her heart with hate, she fled her father's home
She found a peddler rough and old, who took her on his round,
To village and to city large, to hamlet and to farm,
Elspeth did serve the peddler old and as his daughter passed,
In time she thought of her old life and missed the ways so soft,
She thought of how she'd left her dad and then began to cry,
Maybe it was not all so bad; she should have tried to stay,
Forgiveness was the proper way and not the way of hate,
In a village far beyond her own, she met a rich man's son,
He took a liking for this girl, who seemed a peddler's girl,
In days that followed, she talked with him and then he learned her name,
This girl it seemed from good stock came and so he took her in,
His father liked the pretty wench she was of gentle birth,
And soon his son did asked for her to take his hand and wed,
Galbert then took the maiden fair and brought her to her home,
Her father happy now at last his daughter found a man,
A man who pleased her father rich a man of noble birth,
And so the two were wed at last and all the village came,
But Galbert was not all he seemed and loved yet many a maid,
Though kind he was and gentle too he loved yet many a wench
The farmer's maid, the serving girl, the old innkeeper's girls,
It served her right she then did say she married not for love,
'Twas then the news came to her home young Darvel was alive,
The battle yes he'd fallen but 'twas not with mortal wound,
To prison he had then been bound and after years now free,
A hero to return at last to seek his bride to be,
Elspeth in horror turned away, oh what to do she cried,
'Twas then she fled to find some peace within the forest green,
She prayed and called upon the heavens to help her troubled mind,
And then a peace fell on her soul and Elspeth knew 'twas right,
To Galbert she had given all she owed to him her love,
And so she came back to her home and lived a faithful wife,
Now Darvel left and traveled far and Galbert well he changed,
His loving wife her humble ways did mend his straying way,
Six years did pass; then summer came, an accident did fall,
Galbert did ride upon the hunt and struck his head that day,
A branch to low, a horse to fast, and Galbert died that hour,
Now sadness filled the land around, when Galbert passed away,
A year passed, another came, the winter and the spring,
The time it passed like lightning bolts while Elspeth lived alone,
Another year, and then another, then did come to pass,
While in the market she did see, Darvel now riding through,
When each did see the other there, they stopped as eyes did meet,
Their love within their hearts was warm it never had quite gone,
They walked and talked and shared their life mistakes they both had made,
Yet, through it all they both had found a deepening in their soul.
It was one cold and frosty night that Darvel came to dine,
Around the crackling fire and smoke, he pledged again his love,
Elspeth a maid still fair and lithe, accepted there his pledge,
Beside the warm and crackling logs, they found each other's arms,
And so Elspeth and Darvel wed and lived a long, long life,
With children they were blest by God, it brought them joy and peace,
Now all of us like Elspeth fair do troubles find in life
If we but meet them full of faith then others may avoid,
So many things befall us all that by our hands are made,
If only we would look not leap not follow our own way,
Let passion, anger, nor despair, take hold and lead the way,
For then, you'll find you weave a web, that causes you but pain,
So, learn the lesson now my loves that better now to find,
The way that life has planned for you need not be quite as hard,
All ways they say lead to the truth but some are filled with pain,
'Twas better far if you could find the straight and narrow way,
Yet, in the end if true you were then all will work out well,
The trials, tests, along the way will help your spirit grow,
They bring you steps to upward climb not stones to stumble on
Like Elspeth fair you too will find the truth along the way,
Just yield thy heart to God above and then all else will come,


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