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ballad of distant times

Submitted:Aug 15, 2009    Reads: 137    Comments: 5    Likes: 5   

Fair Gweneth
So proud and bright, they sat upright, the warriors riding by,
Arbath and all his loyal band, were heading off to war,
Fair Gweneth from her window high, was thrilled to see them pass,
Such strong and handsome men she thought, but none like young Arbath,
She loved him from afar so oft, and he did love her so,
When next he came to honor get, he'd ask for Gweneth's hand,
She laughed and skipped and jumped with glee, as off they went that day,
Yet, soon it seemed not all went well, and all were sad with grief,
The days they past, the weeks and months, alas they all were lost,
The city mourned the loss of all, these young and daring men,
Fair Gweneth wept, she cried to God, 'twas then He showed to her,
The young Arbath lived; he'd not yet died, so of with joy she ran,
She ran to tell the king her news; he nodded sweet and kind,
'Twas but her love for him, he said and shook his head so sad,
Alas, Arbath was dead, he said but Gweneth did not faint,
She prayed and asked for help that night, and then so she left them all,
A horse she took and disappeared was lost from sight of men,
The king he mourned and so did all, as men did search the land,
But naught of Gweneth could they find, alas they thought her dead,
The months they past, and turned to years, the king a saddened man,
For none could cheer his aged heart, as Gweneth once had done,
A Fair, the people all did cry, a Fair and sports for all,
And so, the king arranged the games, with prizes small and great,
The young men came from all around to test their skill and strength,
But none it seemed, could err compare, to the strange young ashen knight,
A warrior he who came one night, from far off lands its said,
He showed such skill and strength of arm, that none it seemed could beat,
At last, it came, the time at last, the king he stood up high,
The winners came to claim their prize, the last of these the best,
The Ashen knight he stood before, the crowds that cheered and yelled,
With hair so long untied and wild, and scar above his eye,
He also sprouted a small beard, that people there did not,
The king, he praised this wild brave man and gave him riches too,
And then it was the knight bent forward, he whispered in his ear,
The king he started back one-step, the knight he waved his hand,
And then she came from out the crowd, 'twas Gweneth fair and bright,
The Ashen knight was it now revealed, was Arbath brave and bold,
'Twas then fair Gweneth told the tale, of how she searched the lands,
And after months, she reached a land, where dwelt the raiding bands,
In further search, she found a Keep, where prisoners there were kept,
With bribes and charm she wheedled in, and soon Arbath did see,
She gave him hope and courage too, that soon he'd see daylight,
It took some time, but yet she did, succeed in all her plans,
And soon fair Gweneth and Arbath, were riding hand in hand,
The king rejoiced, the people cheered, that day the two were wed,
The king renewed in life and love, the land did praise and sing,
And this I tell you all my friends, true love cannot be beat,
Fair Gweneth showed a faith and trust, and went to claim the prize,
Remember this when trouble hits, and sink not low my friend,
Rise up and claim the promise true, be true to what you feel,


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