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a poem about the so called religious wars or holy wars whether crusades or jihads or any other

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A Holy War we've all heard of it
It's started in God's Name
Crusades or Jihads
Others too, through countless ages fought
Did any one ask God?
War, death, pain, suffering
Innocence lost, innocents suffer
Children, women, old, I see
Cast to the wind, ploughed under foot
Left to rot
Rape, murder, torture, death I see
Where, oh where, is love
Religion, politics, power and greed
Smiling faces empty words
All I see is pain
Men freely use God's name around
We see it all the time
Every religion in this earth
And even those who've none
Did they ask God?
Where is the defender of His name
Which lawyer stands for Him
The media slams His name each day
He's now the butt of jokes
Did anyone speak with Him?
Religion not God, they're not the same
As history shows so well
Man made religion, it was not God
We worship Him in heart
God's a God of love
Church buildings made of brick and clay
Or temples of any kind
They're just all stone or concrete halls
That man has said are God's
The heart is the building where God lives
God's spirit - it is love
But man, he brings the pain and death
The wars and all that come
These are not from God's dictates
They come from greed and power
These wars though in the name of God
They come from mortal minds
Power, greed, lies, deceit thus politicians speak
Truth, a word they do not know
Compassion what is that?
Justice - just a word I find
It is in a book somewhere
Equality - oh, yes I know
We understand
It's in the same old book
Rights for all
Both black and white
Female and the male
Children's rights, religion too
Only in your dreams
Governments talk and talk
'We understand' they say yet look the other way
The Religious leaders just the same
Expedience the word they use
Deceit - their way of life
The news, a tool they use to sway
Media is power indeed
But love - a word that's lost to all
For sex and lust hold sway
Compassion just a word
Yet like the archaeologist
Who excavates and clears
The truth is there
If we but look
Just take the time to dig
The temple, church, but made of stone
But faith is from the heart
Your creed is not what saves your soul
Religion, is but a mask
Faith and truth - in love abide
A world within a world
Open the door and step right in
You'll find there peace of mind
A step across dimensions bounds
Fly o'er cosmic seas
Love the power and light of God
Not buildings man hath made
Freedom's found within the heart
The price already paid
If you just have the faith!


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