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Inner Ramblings

Poetry By: Graeme Montrose

ramblings of the mind

Submitted:Mar 5, 2011    Reads: 38    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Winds of Change
Tearing, pulling, pushing, lifting
Onward, upward rise
Ripping, tugging, moving on
Always using force
Thus I sit upon the roof
The winds do spin and twirl
Not a corner here to hide
I face them unabashed
Calm I have within my soul
A peace doth fill my heart
Fear hath fled
As faith rushed in
Love has conquered all
Rain it comes within the winds
Light and sparse at first
Then increasing as it blows
A hurricane is now unleashed
I stand upon the roof
Why I ask myself
Why not scurry quick indoors
Somehow an inner voice doth speak
Just wait till all is calm
And yet a peace doth fill my heart
Though turbulence abounds
Life is filled with storms that come
Tempests will abound
Wars and conflicts everywhere
Uprisings change life course
Yet if the heart is filled with love
An inward peace abides
Symbolic in someway it seems
I put my life in His
Knowing that what ere will pass
He knows and He is there
Revolution surges all around
War and chaos looms
Reform some say is what's it is
Yet death is what it brings
Beneath the surface more there is
The media does not show
Only surface veneer thin
The news does paint so bright
Yet changes happen rulers fall
But what does really change
Round the chairs they all do run
The music soon will stop
Who will take the final seat
Who will grab the power
The same old faces everywhere
Beneath the surface hid
The structure underneath it all
Still rules unseen by all
The media do their part to paint
This veneer oh so thin
Changes always come in life
Governments fall and rise
History writes this story plain
We see it everyday
Changes come form far below
The top always resist
No one willing to give up
Their place of influence
Where Poppies Grow
Fields of poppies row on row
Crimson droplets bright
Blood now spilled in ages past
Now doth blossom bright
Fields of death I see before
Human carcasses now but dung
War hath minced the flesh of all
Scarlet raindrops water them
Flags to all who now do mourn
The hopelessness of war
The sweetness of the sunshine washed my thoughts
Cleansing away all doubts and dark clouds of despair
My soul cried out in thanksgiving for the warmth and comfort
Oozing forth from the scintillating rays of light
The cold grip of fear, worry and doubt melted
As I embraced the caressing warmth of the sun
What is life but a struggle, each step and each breath, a fight
All around I see pain, suffering and anguish
I see the injustices of men to men
I see the blind leading the blind
I see the corruption and power seekers vying for position
I see the proud exalting themselves to bask in glory and fame
Yet all the while the poor suffer, and injustice reigns
I see the innocent in chains
I hear the cries of the displaced, the lost, the lonely
Ringing in my ears, rising up into the heavens
Where I cry is justice!
How can the truth be twisted into a lie?
Why do the masses walk on by blinded by the lies?
How can they close their ears to the cries of the poor?
How can they heed not the cries of suffering and injustice?
How can black be shown as white and white as black
Yet none do stand to question?
How long can the truth be hid or trod upon?
And then it was my heart did throb within
The refreshing sunlight did soothe my troubled mind
Peace did flood my soul!
As long as one light of truth doth blaze
As long as one seed of justice remains
As long as life doth exist
Then Hope remains
Where Hope remains then Faith abides
Where Faith abides then nothing can stamp it out!
Just as the sun chases away the darkness
As its warmth melts away the icy grip of snow and frost
As light floods everywhere exposing all
So the light of Faith destroys the chains of injustice
So the voice of Faith awakes the sleeping soul
And one by one each soul unites in Truth
Freedom can never be quenched as long as Faith remains
Truth cannot be blotted out as long as Faith doth shine
Darkness shall indeed flee when light doth come
Love, Faith, Hope shall indeed flourish like the sun
One soul at a time, one heart at a time
Nothing shall stop nor hinder the light of Truth
I sit upon this rooftop, basking in the sun
The sun fills all around me with its light and warmth
And so it shall be one day
The Truth likewise shall shine, from shore to shore.
And love and peace shall reign


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