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Submitted:May 14, 2010    Reads: 40    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Love's Angel
She stands before me a vision fair
I listen to her words
Like an angel she guides me
On a spirit trip
Her voice so melodic
So heavenly
She transports me
Unto realms beyond
The sights and sounds
Combine as one
My spirit flows within
I understand
Why ancients worshipped
In times past
The sun so far above
The sun god, sun king, source of life
We look upon its light
In power and in majesty
The sun keeps us alive
We function by its power and light
It rules the sky above
It shines on one and all
Without its light
We would be confined to eternal darkness
Without its warmth
We would be frozen icicles in a planet of ice
Without its gravitational pull
We would be racing through the universe
Yes we see how it seems to be
The source of all things living
Thus we understand
Our past
From this lesson
We see its mirror image
God is our sun
Within the spiritual realm
The sun is but a physical example
Of His power
And of His majesty
Without the warmth of His love
We would freeze in spiritual death and coldness
Without the light of His words
We would live in darkness of spirit and soul
Hate, murder, anger, evil, prevailing
Sodom and Gomorrah
The rule of thumb
Without the gravitational pull of faith
We would be wandering off into the outer realms of darkness
Where evil would captivate our souls
Where we would be lost in the abyss
Lost to all that we would strive to be
Lost to mercy to forgiveness
Lost to joy and love
Lost to all that is good
His love gives warmth to our souls
It sets us free
His love uplifts our spirit
We rise like angels from the dust of the earth
We rise into the heavens
Though we were blind
We see through the light of truth
Now we can see
No longer bound in darkness
We are freed by His light and warmth
His gravitational pull set us free
Free from the pull of the earthly
Free from the world
That tries to drag us down
The sins and evils reach out
Like tentacles they grasp to hold onto us
To drag us far beneath
The roaring seas of evil
No longer a lost rootless spinning soul
We are pulled into His orbit
Thus we can rise above the pains and woes
Flying into the heavens to embrace His love
Set free from the confines of materialism
Free from secularism, worldliness
Free from the chains of conformity
We are free to rise up
Throwing off the false coverings that bind us
As we let His power of love transform us
We morph into new creatures
Like angels we are recreated in love and light and power
No longer wanderers in darkness blind and shackled
No longer bound by attitudes and rules
No longer bound in pride and self
No longer filled with pain and anguish
No longer held captive in the dust and darkness
Rise, rise, rise above, and thus sing forth in joy and light
Fly, fly, fly, into the heavens
Throw of the old and embrace the new
The trappings of life are naught
The worries of life are naught
The pain and evils of life
Vanish in the light of His love
We are no longer prisoners of self
Prisoners of pride, of conformity
Thus we change we are renewed
We become like Him,
Filled with power, filled with love!
Love, the power of the universe
Love, the greatest force there is
In the Light of His love
We come to know the truth


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