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Merlin the Mage

By: Graeme Montrose

Page 1, A poem about Merlin

Merlin the Mage
The swirling mists of time did stir, as heavens opened wide,
God did view the worlds below, and saw the troubles there.
The Saxon hordes took more and more, the Picts and others too,
The land was filled with war and hate, division everywhere.
The gods of darkness flourished there, and stole the hearts of men,
And so it was, He sent below, a spirit filled with power.
A warrior mage with power great to show to all God’s power,
Merlin his name, to shout abroad, a legend born to man,
He came to show God’s power strong, and set the lands now free.
The gods of darkness cowered in fear, when first they heard his name.
The serpents of the netherworld, and all the druid gods,
They massed their forces down below, the dragons and the beasts,
The witches, knights, and foreign hordes, the evil and the dead,
And so began the war of wars, to set the country free.
Now evil forces flooded in, and overthrew the lands,
The men of England wondered why, their God abandoned them,
Then Merlin came just like the wind, a sight for all to fear.
Merlin had come to save the land, from all the darkened hosts,
His face it shone with light and power, he feared neither man nor beast.
He stood his ground for all to see, and evil turned and fled,
Who was this man they all did cry, that darkness flees from him.
A spirit from the otherworld, the nations then did cry,
A druid prince, a prophet true, a warrior, wizard, bard,
So thus my brothers of the Light, a legend then was born.
The mage had come from Avalon; he came to set us free,
Now listen well I tell you now, for God did work through him,
He was no man as you and I, but walked a road of faith.
Ah, faith I say, the unseen thing, that oh we’d love to see,
As thin as any spiders web, and strong as hardened steel,
Merlin the Mage, the Warrior Mage, a thousand names has he.
But when you talk of what he’s done, do so in fear and awe,
The dragons came to war with him, Morgan Le Fey as well.
He laughed and forced them back again, their burrows there to hide,
They could not stand before his power, and so they fled from it,
And Merlin stood upon his mount, and praised the God of Light.
Lord of magic, sword and sight, Merlin did rise to power,
Uther he helped until God’s time when Arthur then was born,
He taught, he fought, he gave his all, a mage and sage and bard.
Now of many heroes do we sing, of all their deeds of fame,
But none can stand before this one, which God did so empower.
Arthur the King and Lancelot, Gawain and Galahad,
These heroes do we sing and praise, their tales do fill the land.
Of Excalibur, we all have heard, as from the lake it came,
The story of the Grail is known and Galahad so pure.
But now this day I so declare, as power fills the air,
Merlin the Mage the Warrior Prince, who stands before the foe,
As lightning crashed and mountains moved as standing stones were moved,
The druids bowed to Merlin’s power they saw his mighty deeds.
He played the harp and calmed the beasts; he fought with sword and spell,
Great power came to aid his need, by spells that none could count,
And so, the legend now was born, of one that God did send,
A man who walked the realms beyond and one that none could stop.
Take courage now, both men and boys, from this a tale so true,
The God of Light did guide Merlin, and sends to us this hope.
Yet sad to say like Achilles, a mortal weakness had,
Merlin did fall to loves sweet call, enamored and ensnared.
A woman’s wiles did spin a web Merlin did fall within
And thus imprisoned, lost to all, he waits until he’s called.
Within a cave unseen to man, Merlin his spirit sleeps,
Until the day ordained for him, until the fateful hour,
For darkness will attack again and evil spread its claws,
Yet in the time of dire need a warrior mage you’ll see.
A prophet, prince and mage as well awaits patiently that day,
And in that day of greatest dearth, Merlin you’ll see return.
So put your faith in heaven’s Lord, who sends to us this power,
And now, I end this ode of fame, of Merlin bold and brave,
Let courage fill your heart and soul, and know that Light shall win.

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