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None Can Understand

By: Graeme Montrose

Page 1, No one can understand what we go through personally, everyone is different no one is the same as another

None Can Understand
Who can tell the things I feel?
Who can see as I?
Who can walk the road I walk?
Whom my sorrows feel?
Who can understand my pains?
Whom the webs unbind?
Strong like steel these tangled webs,
Snaring tight my soul.
Grasped within the dark ones fist,
Squeezed in agony.
Writhing neath his mocking grasp,
None can understand.
None can see as I do see,
None can feel as I.
None my path can walk for me,
None doth understand.
Trapped I am within my mind,
Chained by pride and self.
Seeing through my eyes alone,
None can understand.

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