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Rose Shed a Tear

Poetry By: Graeme Montrose

A poem

Submitted:Jan 28, 2010    Reads: 266    Comments: 8    Likes: 6   

Rose Shed a Tear
By Elven Lake sweet Rose did come
To pick the herbs that grew
She climbed the hill she picked the herbs
The sun did shine on her
'Twas there she spied young Erwin fair
A strong and noble elf
He stopped to rest his fiery steed
And glanced to braes on high
The sight his eyes that day befell
Fulfilled his dreams by far
Fair Rose's form delighted him
A goddess of ancient rhyme
'O' fair young girl please do not hide'
Cried Erwin from below
'Thy face is far too fair my dear
To hide from this dear world'
Rose, stopped and lingered there on high
His words did fill her heart
With sparkling eyes so brown and clear
Like crystal lights did shine
And thus young Rose's heart did win
As Erwin, his love did plead
The sun did shine the larks did sing
The river played its song
The wind did sooth the heat of day
From both the lovers fair
And down beside the fair young elf
The pretty Rose did lie
As she did sink unto his arms
Her heart with passion roused
Young Erwin kissed her lips so ripe
And touched her soft white skin
As lovers' lips did met as one
Beneath the clear blue sky
On that bright morn by Elvin Lake
Their hearts did beat as one
Beside the crystal Elvin Lake
Their bodies twined like vines
The birds did sing the sun did shine
As heaven smiled on them
Then Erwin pledged his love so true
While Rose in rapture lay
He promised her to wed next moon
She laughed and smiled at him
Alas Sir Roland loved Rose as well
So the story ends not here
The Lord of all the lands around
He ruled with heart of steel
Now when he heard of Erwin's love
He sought to find him out
On Sunday morn in village square
Roland did call him down
With swords in hand they fought that morn
And blood did freely flow
Young Erwin fair did fall that day
His voice cried to the sky
'Ah Rose my love, my heart, my life
Today I die yet true
I love you Rose my maid so sweet
I die my blood flows free
You filled my heart with love so pure
Your eyes like heaven's breath
You words, my life and soul my love
I die my Rose for thee'
When Rose did hear the ghastly news
She wept and wept and wept
A day, a week, a month, and more
Young Rose did grieve for him
And then one day, on Sunday morn
She walked into the square
She carried roses to the cross
Where her elven love had died
She knelt and prayed before the cross
With roses now entwined
The bell it struck Sir Roland came
As ever so he did
He stopped when seeing Rose stand there
A loss he was for words
She picked the roses in her hand
And then did walk to him
A slow and measured pace it was
The roses in her hand
And as she reached where Roland stood
Hate did fill her eyes
Together there their eyes did lock
He did not see it come
A dagger flashed and blood did spout
It flashed again once more
He grasped the cross his eyes went blank
He slipped unto the ground
A moment there did Rose now wait
Then slowly moved away
The blood did drip upon the steps
She left the village square
Her shoes they drummed a measured beat
Upon the cobblestones
Young Rose walked home as she had come
Her mind was now awhirl
Her fingers gripped the dagger tight
As tears and blood now fell


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