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Signs of theTimes

Poetry By: Graeme Montrose

A poem of our times

Submitted:Jan 17, 2010    Reads: 121    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Signs of the Times
Altar slabs of cold wet stone
Stains of blood ingrained
Ancient sites of pagan gods
Still remain today
Cold the winds that stirred the dust
Chilling to my bones
Standing in an ancient grove
Whispering tales of yore
Who can hear these frightening cries?
Whistling through the trees
Crossing o'er in waves of time
Cries of warning bring
Banshee wails in anguish pain
Gypsies do foretell
Druids drink a cup of blood
Lightning cracks the earth
Visions in a crimson sky
Foretelling things to come
Glimpses of the future bring
Warnings to all men
Seer and sages see through time
Moved by words in scroll
Reciting messages writ in rhyme
Warn of darkened times
Old pagan ways are gone to dust
Enlightened yes we are
Dark Age has gone we live in light
Or so we like to say
Paradise we now have made
Man's greatness we applaud
From nothing we have now evolved
As gods we laud ourselves
Presidents, Prime Ministers, all they praise themselves
Governors they seek more power
A New World Order, a time of Peace
A world unites as one?
Yet evil stalks the halls of kings
Corrupting all within
Hate it clouds the hearts of men
Blotting out the light
Like smog it covers all around
Clinging to men's' souls
Poisonous vapors from the midst
Seep beneath the skin
Earthquakes come they level all
Volcanoes spurt forth death
Floods and typhoons hurricanes
Destroying one and all
Rage on roads as speeds increase
Airplanes downward fall
Earth goes dry the drought hath come
Plants wither and they die
Cattle sick with plagues of man
Clones are everywhere
Science seeks to rule and sway
Yet death holds court today
1984! They laughed
Well take a look and see
Governments seek such powers now
The dream has given birth
World united laws for all
Freedom washed away
Sorcery and witchcraft boom
Magic thrives it lives
Murder rape and even worse
It now is daily fare
The media force it down our throat
Desensitized we are
Pain and suffering commonplace
No one really cares
Disaster just a normal thing
Money is our god
Churches closing more and more
Faith has now turned cold
Hearts are frozen faith is dead
Love has died I hear
Religion now is radicalized
Fanatics one and all
The past is changed its faith destroyed
God has died they say
Pleasure ah its what we seek
Power our goal in life
Gold to pave the way for us
Like blinkers on the horse
Politicians smile while rip and tear
They pull each other down
Smearing smashing dog eat dog
Is this our leaders way?
A country stands it falls I say
The people are its heart
If we stand by then what we get
It is our just reward
When we should build we tear it down
Unite! We break apart
Law and order crumbles now
Our human rights the cry
Prisoners many evil men
Despicable in crime
They claim their rights they flaunt the law
While normal people die
Crime is subsidised you see
The criminal a king
The ordinary person passing by
The victim no one cares
What's right is wrong, what's wrong is right
A merry life we live
We change the meaning of our words
We hope to change the times
Such suffering we do see each day
Pain and grief abound
Victims cry and innocent die
But politicians smile
Relief workers do their best
But all their hands are tied
The governments of man restrain
For what glory they contrive
Greed it oozes in their veins
They use it for their fame
Another vote is all they see
But not the child who dies
A tear I shed, aye many more
A world grown cold and hard
We drop a coin we ease our mind
Then down another gin
Of words of pen I not few
This tale an endless one
My ink runs dry, my finger numb
My eyes so weary grow
So thus my rambling needs to stop
I've put you all to sleep
Or maybe you already stopped
I fear it is too long


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