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The Umberlla Graveyard

By: Graeme Montrose

Page 1, A poem

Umbrella Graveyard
The clouds did gather far above,
They watched the day unfold,
The clouds so dark and dismal brood,
The rain was tumbling down.
Below the scene it now came clear,
Where teeming masses throng,
Umbrellas in their every hand,
They jostled one and all.
Black and gray and violet too,
Polka dots I saw,
Pink and purple, blue and green,
They were of every coloured hue.
Large and small and in-between,
Folding and upright too,
Umbrellas covered everyone,
Shielding them from all the storm.
Light and heavy drenching rain,
Some intervals it stopped,
Yet everyone, umbrellas held,
A buffer twixt man and rain!
The North Wind smiled and looked around.
The Westerly caught his eye.
A plan they now began to share,
They laughed and winked as one.
And thus the winds began to blow,
They steadily did grow,
Up and down and round about,
They twisted everywhere.
Below the people struggled on,
The winds did catch and tug.
Umbrellas soon began to tear.
Some then they took to flight,
Over railings around the park,
Above the tenement flats,
Across the busy bustling streets,
They fly in stormy skies.
In and out the winds did blow,
Hard and strong the gusts did come,
The small and cheap soon ripped to shreds.
The sturdier withstood all.
Spiralling winds that caught and pulled,
While people grasped so hard.
Umbrellas flew into the air,
They ride the currents high,
From streets to parks, from towns to fields,
Umbrellas travelled far.
Like parachutes up in the air,
Like planes swoop up and down.
Leaving poor forlorn lost men,
The elements to meet,
The rains poured down, the waters rose,
The people cursed and swore.
Wasted money, soaking clothes,
Umbrellas smashed and torn,
The winds did laugh, they roared aloud,
Liked thunder in the air.
Round and round and up and down,
The wild winds did dance.
The skies were filled with whirling specks,
Coloured spirals twirl and spin.
Umbrellas dancing in the air,
Travelling far and wide,
The hours passed, the skies were clear,
The winds had come and gone.
Sad and miserable people strode,
Winding their way home,
The bins were full of broken bits,
Umbrellas once they were,
The field and parks were littered now,
As far as eye could see,
Broken, torn, and scattered wide,
The debris of the winds,
Umbrellas lay all torn and smashed,
While people passed them by,
Umbrellas graveyard now I saw.
A zone of war and death,
The remnants those who did withstand,
Now closed in reverence march,
The businessmen did trudge on home.
Umbrellas by their side!
Their comrades strewn round in death,
All victims of the winds,
The east and south winds gently blew.
While sun above did shine!
The birds they sang a song so sweet.
A hush hung in the air!
The battle over, all is quiet,
Umbrellas graveyard still!

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