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Thoughts That Come to Me

By: Graeme Montrose

Page 1, poetry for the soul

Questions of Life
Once I came
There I did enter
When doth truth show her face?
I am born of the earth
Compiled from the dust
Where doth truth show her form?
In smoke, mist, or ice?
In fog or in rain - I see not
In these can we see life revealed?
In the darkness of night
In the light of the day
What may I ask is the truth?
You offer me words, but what are mere words
What answer my soul do they give?
Life ushers forth power - creation abounds, this truth is revealed to your soul
In tears and in joy
In sickness and health
In love and in sorrow we see
In death and in life
In age and in youth
All aspects of truth can be seen
A moment of time
An eon or more
From all unseen we can see
The universe vast
The microbes so small
Yet all a form part of the truth
The answer is there
If thou wilt but seek
It waits a shadow away

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