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Whispers of the End of Time

Poetry By: Graeme Montrose

Whispers of the End of Time

Submitted:Dec 2, 2009    Reads: 95    Comments: 7    Likes: 5   

Whispers of the End of Time
In times gone by 'tis often said, that all was well and good,
I now do tell to you this my friend, that this 'twas not all true,
I now do sing of war and death, of lies and of deceit,
These are things we hate to do, but now we need to see,
The gods of darkness rule these lands, their words deceiving all,
With alluring words and lies they rule, within the halls of man,
The gods like Pan do spin their webs, within the hearts of all,
They snare; they catch, and then devour the captive stuck within.
Music now the voice of gods, to please the heart of men,
With songs of love and songs of praise, we fill the lands with joy,
Yet, the old Serpent used them well, and with his sirens won,
The hearts of many searching youth, and filled them with his lies,
With driving beats, his slaves to march, to war, and oft to death,
With tempting words, he clouds the mind and turns pure love to filth,
With these, he works to pervert man, till like a beast he lusts,
He grovels in the filth and mire, descending to the pit,
With riches and with tempting toys, he pulls upon man's strings,
And like the puppeteer, he now, controls the purse o' power,
All this has come upon the world, like gas and poison fumes,
While man sleeps on, now lulled to sleep, oblivious to all,
The serpent's songs do weave their spell and snare the hearts of men
Yet, from his place beyond our ken, one sees all, and sighs,
He sends his seers to shout the cry, to rally round his word,
Awake, young men, awake, they cry, do not let evil thrive,
Awake and take the stand for truth, against these evil ways,
Let not seducers lull thy sense, or put you all to sleep,
Let not the temptresses lead thee off, to bestial ways perverse,
Beware of riches, and of those, who lie and seek your soul,
The lost do seek to gain but wealth; instead, they sell their soul,
Like tentacles of poison, stretching forth, to captivate man's soul,
Until too late, he wakes to see, the spider coming forth,
Alas, I say, alas, for those who captured now are blind,
For they have sold true wealth, I say, for naught but empty air,
The spider comes to claim his right, the souls of those ensnared,
They're his he cries, and his alone, they came of their own will,
Now stuck within his webs of lies, they cannot pull quite free,
Their hearts and souls are lost to him, and so he laughs with glee,
Sucked in by greed and lust they came, and now do pay the cost,
Satan now sure he's won the souls, of men they were now his,
Declares a war, throughout the lands, a war with men of love,
And so it was that war did come, the night was filled with screams,
So sure they were, that they had won, and captured all men's souls,
Yet, light was not extinguished yet, for many had not bowed,
Before the image of the beast, of the great Beelzebub,
A seer great, a man of faith, a prophet was his name,
He came to wake the sleeping mass, and save the hearts of man,
The evil web will fall away, before the glowing light,
The spider crushed beneath the feet, of those who trust the light,
And now the stage is set my friend, to play the final scene,
When darkness meets the power of light and then all shall reveal,
Stand up for truth, stand up and fight, let now your choice be made,
Forever written in the books, the Lord beyond the Veil,
The time is right, the time is now, stand forth and fight for truth,
The battle royal it soon shall be, with darkness swept away,
What then of the Lord Lucifer, and gods from darkened worlds?
They'll pay the price, and then the light, forever more shall shine.


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