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Airy Emptiness

By: greenglasses

Page 1, This is about when you are old and life isnt what it use to be so your empty, unfeeling. How all you can wait for is a death to take you away from this nothing.

Flavor abandons my life as I surrender to your ashes

I linger, trying to remember what it was like

to feel.

It's left me numbing, dying

slowly I wait for it all to make sense again

where death drapes his wing on my fragmented soul

removing a taste I could not quench

a smell I could not capture

a voice I'll never hear again

with all senses lost, my sight is blinded by the past

the re-run illusions making it harder to cope

reality breaking, smudging

as the smoke brushes past my cheek

to be released from this trap

and let life go on

rotting spreads from my throat to stomach

where everything hurts in between

I'm giving in, unable to care

not able to shake enough energy to long for anything anymore

my aspirations are dead ends

nothing left but the crushing wait

for my death to sweep me away

give me peace and wings

setting me free from the setting sun

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