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Lost Wanderer

By: greenglasses

Page 1, This is about when you have to choose which path to take, running in circles, your bound to choose sometime.

You've been swallowed up

deciding that now was the time to run away

what you find would not make sence

but it does

because secretly?

you know what it all means



Two roads connect at your feet

taking off in opposite directions

giving you the idea

that you can decide which path to take



Your so warm baby

but your insides are growing cold

looking at the signs that could mean anything

you choose not, scared

as you turn away

choosing to aviod the unaviodable



So naturally,

you aimlessly walk anywhere but there

through the crimson forest of the confused beautifuls

where the red leaves mesmerize you



What is it

you are trying to find?

What is it

you are trying to prove?

What is it

your are running from?


Digging through the twisted vines of life

your back at your personal intersection

your staring off

for there it is

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