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She's a Distraction

By: greenglasses

Page 1, This is about a mans compliications with love for her, and in the end he walks away from what he secretly wants...

Her futile attempts

to make me see

       to make me forgive

she's saying she bleeds for me

out of the womb and heart

emollient pain

She's a distraction

a manipulation

to make me feel

to make me beg

parts want me to embark this

forget the priorities

how ignominious it would be

to enfuse -her

        to learn from -her

to illumine my soul.

This illogical creature

 she says yes

then no

   maybe to nervy

  but way to shy

if she can't make up her mind

How can I?

Let's ejaculate on the situation!

tell the truth

make a chioce

that I may love her... too much

I lied and whispered no

her difference -nomatter how breathetaking-

is untouchable to me


for a reason

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