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Stop Thinking It

By: greenglasses

Page 1, Sometimes you shouldn\'t waste your time comparing yourself to others because it is judging not only them but yourself BUT then again happens:)

Don't think about it

skinny, sexy, everything

you observe the way they move through you

Fucking with your mind

their looks hurt

What they say

almost reminds you of subliminal messaging

How they react

almost reminds you of territorial monkeys

eatingall your fleas

then you feel ugly

I'm thinking about it...

Why is that considered attractive?

is it really pretty to judge?

..if so, then we are all pretty

but not as beautiful as them

Sparkilng in midair

You want what you can't have?

good, they'll tease you with it

Lose your mind and let them dictate it

everyone lets them

It will only be one more year of submission

Remind me

forgive me

Don't think anymore

but stop

and reflect

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